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1. Complete I.T. Support

IT Support Stockton

DC Services can supply, install and maintain your whole IT infrastructure including your network, internet services, workstations, desktops, laptops and associated software. We also offer remote desktop support as well as full on-site IT support Stockton.

2. Portfolio

IT Services Stockton

Our varied customer portfolio ranges from shopping centres and retail clients, to engineering companies, to home care services and nursery schools. Whatever business you're in, our goal is to make you more competitive by reducing complexity, increasing efficiency and minimising your costs.

3. Ad Hoc I.T. Support

IT Support Stockton

If you just need occasional IT support or want to outsource a particular project, choose our pay-as-you-go option. Tell us what you need and we will provide a quotation before we start. No mileage or call-out fees – just a simple hourly rate whatever the problem.

4. Managed I.T.

IT Services Stockton

If you need support on a more regular basis, our managed I.T. service may prove more cost effective and give you peace of mind knowing that help is always at hand. For a fixed monthly fee, we will provide a comprehensive, proactive IT support service for your whole network. .

IT Support Stockton.

When it comes to computers, you just want your systems to work! When they don't, you spend too much time trying to fix them – time that would be better spent running your business. That's where DC Services can help.

Established in 1998, DC Services provides IT support to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in and around the Stockton area and throughout the North East.
Whether you're just starting out in business, looking for IT systems to support your growth, or seeking to renew existing contracts, we provide an IT solution that meets your needs and suits your budget. Our clients cover a wide range of businesses in Stockton and no matter what the size of the problem or company, we're always here to help.

DC Services - Providing IT Support Stockton | IT Services Stockton.


Challenge us to make things better

To help you determine if you're getting value from your company's current investment in IT, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have to keep following up on telephone calls just to get IT support?
  • Are you still spending valuable time managing your IT that would be better spent on other areas of the business?
  • Do you feel as though you're 'out of your depth' taking on the IT role for your organisation?
  • Is one of the reasons for not changing your IT support provider 'better the devil you know…'?
  • Would you like your IT support provider to have a better understanding of your business and to make recommendations, or provide advice, to assist you in achieving your business goals?
  • Do you feel you're paying too much for your IT support?

Challenge us to improve your IT support today.

DC Services - Providing IT Support Stockton | IT Services Stockton.

“We have the same IT Professional with us every time who is very familiar with our network. This helps keep our downtime to a minimum if a problem does arise.”
Engineering Client - Stockton

“ At last we have found a computer engineer who knows what he is doing and talks like a real human being”
Office Administrator
IT Support Stockton

Workstation Services

  • Hardware installation and upgrades
  • Software installation and upgrades
  • PC Security
  • Virus/spyware/adware detection and removal
  • Windows support
  • Internet/email/network support
  • Printer installation and support
  • Mobile service/remote working solutions
  • Data backup
IT Services Stockton

Internet Services

  • Internet installation and support
  • Domain name registration
  • Website design and editing services
  • Website hosting
  • Email set up and support
  • VPN set-up and maintenance
  • Corporate anti-virus
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cloud services
IT Support Stockton


  • Planning, installation and upgrades
  • Hubs, switches and router issues
  • Security checks
  • Firewall configuration
  • Server hardware
  • Exchange servers/email systems
  • ISA servers/proxy servers/firewalls
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Disaster recovery
IT Services Stockton

Other Services

  • Computer consultancy
  • Project management
  • Ad hoc support or maintenance contracts
  • Interactive whiteboard set-up and maintenance
  • Networking and IT maintenance of 
    CNC machines
  • Telephone, remote and on-site support
  • IT Support Stockton
  • IT Services Stockton