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Interactive Whiteboard Interactive Whiteboard Interactive Whiteboard

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?


An interactive whiteboard combines the power of your computer and projector into a powerful tool for teaching, collaborating and presenting. 

It works by projecting the computer image onto the touch-sensitive board where you can then use your finger as a mouse and control any application on your computer. 

You can also use a pen from the Pen Tray, and either by using the pen or your finger, write, draw, take notes and highlight. The board allows everyone to clearly see the progression of the presentation and all notes or adjustments made can be stored. The perfect tool for training or brainstorming sessions! 

Whatever the use, teaching, training or presentations, interactive whiteboards save time, increase interactivity within the group and improve communication. 



As well as supplying projectors and interactive whiteboards, we provide professional audio visual installations.

If you are having problems with an existing installation a repair may be possible.

Why not contact us for more information and see if we can help with your requirements.


Interactive Whiteboard